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Annual Assessment - The annual HOA assessment is $288.00.

As a reminder, the Annual Dues are due annually January 1.  The Association extended the payment deadline until March 31.  Please send all payments directly to the accounting company PMSI.Should the payments of assessments continue to be delinquent, a lien maybe placed on your home as of June 1.  Therefore, please make sure to make your payments asap.

Covenants (Download the files below)

As you are aware, the Board is obligated to enforce the Covenants of our Association, especially when it involves the upkeep of individuals' properties.  Although we have been successful in these areas, to an extent, we are not policemen and do not generally go around the neighborhood looking for violations.  We depend on our neighbors to inform the Board of potential violations.  If you see a problem that you think is a violation of our Covenants, please feel free to contact us via the feedback form or by email us. We are pleased to say that most homeowners comply with the Covenants.  The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

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As a reminder, our streets within our community are very narrow and it makes it hard to maneuver around parked cars on the roadway and could present a safety issue with children.  Parking on the roadway or the front yard of your home violates the Covenants of the community.  Therefore, the Association would request compliance with this restriction.   Please use of the driveway which is designed for park vehicles.  We are striving to keep our community well kept.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


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Beautiful view of the vinings

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