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Management and bookkeeping of the community is handled by Olivia of Property Management Systems, Inc. (PMSI). Management includes day to day operations of the community, including but not limited to routine community visits, attendance at quarterly HOA meetings, meeting with vendors which provide services to the community, responding to complaints from homeowners, Architectural Review Committee (ARC) requests and approval, corrective action of covenant violations as well as collection of outstanding assessments.

Oliva of PMSI can be contacted at:

463499 S.R. 220
Yulee, Florida 32041

Phone: (904) 225-9070, Ext 106
or use our website form here.

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Architectural Applications:

Please be reminded that for all exterior changes to your property you are required to submit an ARB application, and you must recieive approval from the ARB Committee prior to making any changes. There is an application fee of $35.00. If you need an application please email

Important Reminders:

REMINDER - Please remember that it is a violation of the covenants to park on your front lawn. The covenants are specific, parking is to be on the driveway or in your garage.

REMINDER - Dog owners - please be mindful and make sure to clean up after your pets throughout the neighborhood and to observe County and State Leash laws.

REMINDER – Lawns must be maintained in a reasonable and manicured condition without overgrowth of weeds and untrimmed landscaping.

NEWS FLASH- The entire CCR (Covenants and Amendment) for the HOA have been uploaded in a PDF format in three files. You may download at any time those for your information and reference.

REMINDER: The Association has a new mailing address: The Vinings HOA at 463499 S.R.
220, Yulee, Florida 32041. Should you need to write a letter to the Board members, please
utilize the above mailing address or you may use the email address for the Board.

To learn more about us, click any item on our menu. If you have comments or questions, let us know by Contacting Us. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often for updated information.

Beautiful view of the vinings

view of pond